when you catch up on a tv show and run out of episodes to watch and feel empty and lost inside

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Saw this tip jar at my Dairy Queen today and lost it at tipiosa.

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Taylor Swift and Patrick Stump After Performance

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IF TAYLOR DOESNT WEAR THE CHEERLEADER UNIFORM ON TOUR IM GONNA go and have a great time but secretly wish she chose to wear it

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just think while you’ve been getting down and out about the liars and the dirty dirty cheats of the world.. you could’ve been getting down to




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In my personal opinion, as a black woman, this Taylor Swift outrage is beyond over the top.

This is not a Lily Allen/Miley Cyrus situation. Those two women EXCLUSIVELY used black women’s bodies as sexual objects. They use black women had in their videos were to shake their…

Shake it off - outfits

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Tumblr should warn us when we reblog the same picture 2 times.

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